Oslo fjord


Gunnar Sander

Senior Research Scientist, PhD gunnar.sander(at)niva.no

Aase Kvanneid

Research Scientist aase.j.kvanneid(at)niva.no

Saskia Trubbach​

Research Assistant Saskia.Trubbach(at)niva.no


How are land-sea interactions addressed in policies and planning tools​?

Does spatial planning consider environmental effects on Oslofjord?

Are the water and ocean management linked? Does it provide for a coherent governance of the coastal zone?

Policy focus

Planning instruments (WFD, ocean management plan and spatial planning in the coastal zone)

Implementation of planning instruments in sectors: agriculture, urban wastewater management, fisheries, and biodiversity.

Geographic focus

Oslofjord with the entire catchment area. Linkages to North Sea/ Skagerrak through the ocean management plans are being explored


A reference group is under establishment. It will be used to discuss research design, incl. suggesting interviewees and areas of interest, and to find opportunities for discussions with wider groups​.

Additional interviews

Strategic impact assessment

(Assessments from the ocean management plans may be considered) 

Environmental impact assessment

EIA is mandatory for spatial plans. We plan to evaluate examples of how developments, mostly on land, are assessed for their impacts on Oslofjord (and linked to WFD/ ocean management plan)


Do river basin management plans (WFD), municipal spatial plans and ocean management plans allow for coherent governance of sectoral interests in the Oslofjord to achieve cross-compliant outcomes? 


The three types of plans that we will explore are all strategic. For studying their implementation, we need to find out how the sectors try to influence, implement the (coherent?) signals from the plans. This may create synergies with task 2.3.