French Mediterranean Sea

Success and challenges of coherence in the WFD, MSPD and MSFD objectives implementation in the French Mediterranean context 


Sarah Loudin

Research scientist (PhD) s.loudin(at)

Laura Bastide

Research assistant l.bastide(at)


The case study explores (a) how the interplay between WFD, MSFD and MSPD supports or hinders coherence with the green deal objective (b) what facilitatesthe alignment of sectoral policies (fisheries, energy) with the EGD

Policy focus

Integrated design, implementation and evaluation of WFD, MSFD and MSPD


Policy instruments of French renewable marine energies and fisheries policy

Geographic focus

Freshwater sub-basin PACA-Durance and a related Mediterranean marine water area 


Institutional: DIRM, Water Agency, DREAL, DDTM Maritime prefecture, PACA region, OFB

Scientific: CNRS, IFREMER, MHNH, SHOM, marine observatories

Strategic impact assessment

Consideration of cross-cutting issues in the SIAs of the MSFD, WFD and sectoral policies

Environmental impact assessment

Consideration of cross-cutting issues in the EIAs of the MSFD, WFD and sectoral policies


Assessment of WFD, MSPD, and MSFD plans of program of measures and their local adaptation
Assessment of sectoral policy plans and objectives compliance with GD objectives 


Coherence and cross-compliance between:

- WFD, MSPD and MSFD objectives, measures and policy instruments (plan formulation and design, governance, fundings and environmental measures)

- sectoral policies and WFD, MSFD and MSPD, measures and policy instruments (governance, fundings and environmental measures)