The Deliverables produced in CrossGov will be uploaded to this page as they become available:

D1.1 Green Deal objectives and scenarios

The report presents the initial findings of T1.1 of the CrossGov project on improving coherence in marine policies within the framework of the European Green Deal (EDG). It includes a mapping exercise of the EGD’s ocean-related objectives and targets, and the results from stakeholder interviews.

D1.2 Policy Brief on Coherent and Cross-compliant Ocean Governance for Delivering the Green Deal for European Seas

This policy brief introduces the concepts of policy coherence and cross-compliance and explains how they are interrelated. While policy coherence is particularly important for policy design and implementation, cross-compliance is a concept that specifically concerns the outcomes and impacts of policies.

D1.3 CrossGov Policy Coherence Evaluation Framework

This deliverable provides a comprehensive methodological approach to the assessment of policy coherence to better understand where in the policy cycle or at which governance level problems or challenges of coherence emerge and where such challenges can be resolved.

After the first learning loop in the project, the Policy Coherence Evaluation Framework has now been revised and improved! Please find version 2.0 of the methodology here. We welcome feedback and comments on the report for further enhancements.

D1.4 SPS assessment

Deliverable 1.4 represents the guidance document on the procedure for a step-by-step SPSI analysis in CrossGov research, to be used in WP2 (Coherence in policy landscapes and design) and WP3 (Case studies of cross-compliance) as a component of the coherence and cross-compliance analysis (Deliverable 1.3).

D1.5 SPS methodological approach (30 September 2024)

D2.1 EU and international policy landscape

The report aims to provide a mapping of the European Green Deal (EGD) policy landscape relevant to the marine domain and the CrossGov project and provide reflections on policy coherence of (selected) EU marine policies.

D2.2 Horizontal coherence in EU law and policy (31 July 2024)

D2.3 Vertical coherence EU and national policies and laws (31 July 2024)

D2.4 Recommendations for improved coherence (30 September 2024)

D3.1 A framework for implementing case studies in CrossGov (31 March 2023) – Internal use only

D3.2 Interim – Cross-compliance in integrative planning (30 June 2024)

D3.3 Interim – Cross-compliance in policy integration (30 June 2024)

D3.4 Co-evaluation of WP3 (31 August 2024)

D3.5 Policy briefs on cross-compliance (31 August 2025)

D3.6 Cross-compliance in integrative planning (30 June 2025)

D3.7 Cross-compliance in policy integration (30 June 2025)

D4.1 Interactive roadmap (31 May 2025)

D4.2 Toolbox for assessing coherence and cross- compliance (31 May 2025)

D4.3 Blueprint for SPS (31 May 2025)

D4.4 Policy brief on Coherence and Cross- compliance challenges and opportunities (31 August 2025)

D4.5 Policy brief on challenges and opportunities to strengthen SPS interfaces (31 August 2025)

D5.1 Website and Visual Identity Package

This deliverable presents the Website and the Visual Identity Pack, which is the first building block of the CrossGov project communication strategy, including key products such as the logo and related visual identity, the website, social media channels, as well as templates for official project communications.

D5.2 Stakeholder List

This deliverable presents the approach and the process for building a tool for stakeholder engagement in CrossGov project.  The deliverable describes the process of how this database will be progressively built and used by different WPs and researchers for mapping, tracking and evaluating the stakeholder engagement.

D5.3 Stakeholder Mobilisation Charter and Co-creation (short version)

This deliverable presents a one-page Stakeholder mobilisation and co-creation Charter (Annex 1), outlining key principles and rules to be followed throughout the project by CrossGov researchers/partners.

D5.4 Stakeholder Mobilisation Charter and Co-creation

This deliverable presents a brief overview of the CrossGov’s approach to co-creation and engagement of stakeholders, implementations steps, outputs, and tools. It also focuses on the Stakeholder Mobilization and Co-building Charter to be signed by CrossGov partners and external stakeholders.

D5.5 Plan for Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

The Deliverable 5.5 PCDE presents the initial communication, dissemination and exploitation pathways and tools available to inform the multiple communities and establish dialogues with them. It introduces the resources that will be available and the activities to be set up as the project produces and gathers results.

D5.6 Dissemination materials (31 August 2023)

D5.7 Training modules (30 June 2025)

D6.1 Data Management Plan

This document presents an Initial data management plan, as defined in the Grant Agreement. The DMP includes a summary of data that is to be collected, under different Work Packages and how the CrossGov project will adopt FAIR data policy.

D6.2 Strategy for Addressing Ethics and IP

This deliverable identifies the key ethical and legal requirements of the CrossGov project in relation to the involvement of research contributors for workshops, surveys and interviews, and particularly the identification and recruitment thereof. It also identifies the main Intellectual Property Rights issues to consider in CrossGov to ensure compliance with the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement.