Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific advisory board  consists of an interdisciplinary panel of external experts who review the advances of the project and advise the project coordinator and the researchers to endorse excellent science

Professor Ronan Long

Professor Ronan Long is the Director of the Global Ocean Institute at the World Maritime University, and the chair of the Nippon Foundation in Ocean Governance and the Law of the Sea. Long has over 20 years’ leadership experience in EU research programmes, including MERCES on restoration of marine ecosystems and has been a permanent staff member at the European Commission.

Professor Anna-Stiina Heiskanen

Professor Anna-Stiina Heiskanen is the Director of the Freshwater Centre, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). Heiskanen has core expertise in marine eutrophication, ecosystem functioning, and biological water quality indicators for inland and coastal waters. She is also an expert in ecosystem-based management, governance of aquatic ecosystems, ecosystem services and multidisciplinary research linking science and policy in support of the MSFD, WFD and Biodiversity Strategy.

Professor Måns Nilsson

Professor Måns Nilsson is the Executive Director and Research Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute, and Adjunct Professor in Environmental Strategies Research at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Nilsson is an expert in energy and climate policy analysis, strategic assessment, innovation, European policy, and global governance, and has core expertise in the practice of environmental strategies and policy analysis. Nilsson is the founder of the seven-point coherence assessment framework, which underpins coherence analysis in CrossGov.

Dr. Judith van Leeuwen

Judith van Leeuwen is an Assistant Professor at the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Van Leeuwen’s research focuses on how policy concepts like ecosystem-based management, blue economy and circular economy transform industrial practices and reduce impact on the marine environment. In particular, she investigates how these policy concepts fuel institutional change and enable governmental and industry actors to incorporate environmental considerations in governing industrial behaviour and innovation.

Željka Škaričić

Željka Škaričić is the Director of PAP/RAC (UNEP/MAP), specialised in coastal zone management with long experience in coordinating large Mediterranean projects and developing ICZM tools, all in accordance with the Mediterranean ICZM Protocol. Since the Protocol recognises the intrinsic relationship between coastal and marine spaces and the need to link ICZM and MSP, she has also been involved in MSP initiatives in the Mediterranean, in particular with regard to methodologies to apply, governance mechanisms to establish and data bases to create.