Adriatic Sea

Challenges of integrated planning in the Northern Adriatic Sea


Emiliano Ramieri

Research Manager e.ramieri(at)

Ginevra Capurso

Research Assistant ginevra.capurso(at)



Analyse whether and how MSFD, WFD and MSPD are coherently implemented through planning processes, coordination mechanisms and SPSI

Evaluate the coherent contribution of MSFD, WFD and MSPD planning processes to nature conservation and specification of sectoral policies (fisheries and aquaculture)

Policy focus

Integrated implementation of WFD, MSFD and MSP through plans and links to nature conservation

Geographic focus

Italian Northern Adriatic Sea


Po River District Basin Authority, Eastern Alps District Basin Authority, Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Emilia Romagna Region, Veneto Region, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, NGOs

Strategic impact assessment

Not applicable

Environmental impact assessment

Not applicable


Identify common problems and opportunities addressed by the MSFD, WFD and MSPD-related plans.

Analyse coherence among objectives and actions/measures foreseen by the plans of the three EU directives, with specific concern for those supporting EGD issues related to nature conservation

Role of the plans (vision, objectives and measures) in supporting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture


Role of formal and informal governance mechanisms in fostering coherent planning processes

Role of SPSI in supporting the coherent plans' design and implementation