Updated version of the Policy Coherence Evaluation Framework

After the first learning loop in the project, the Policy Coherence Evaluation Framework has now been revised and improved! Please find version 2.0 of the methodology here. We welcome feedback and comments on the report for further enhancements.

European Approaches

The scientific article written by Gunnar Sander as part of the CrossGov project provides important messages about ocean governance and highlights why European approaches are important in a global context. The observation that MSP has taken over as the ruling paradigm for ocean governance is important. So is the observation about the “conservationist camp’s” focus […]

EU and international policy landscape

Read our latest research report that aims to provide a mapping of the European Green Deal (EGD) policy landscape relevant to the marine domain and the CrossGov project and provide reflections on policy coherence of (selected) EU marine policies. Highlights:  Read the full report here.

The 1st edition of CrossGov Newsletter has been launched!

In this edition, we embark on a journey to unravel the connections between ocean governance, policy-making, and the EU Green Deal objectives. Through insightful analyses, project updates, and contributions from our dedicated team, we aim to foster a collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities in realising a sustainable future for the European seas.  Read the newsletter […]

Guidance for SPSI analysis

Check out our latest research report that analyses Science-to-Policy-to-Society Interfaces (SPSI) in ocean governance! Science-to-Policy-to-Society Interfaces can be defined as “social processes which encompass relations between scientists and other actors in the policy process, and which allow for exchanges, coevolution, and joint construction of knowledge with the aim of enriching decision making” in a certain […]

Importance of Policy Coherence – marine protection

The importance of policy coherence for a better integration of marine protection in Marine Spatial Planning processes In this post, we are sharing some reflections on what’s needed for marine protection and marine spatial planning to go hand in hand, with a focus on policy coherence. Key points:– Policy coherence can help make marine spatial planning a more ecosystem-based […]

The first Mission Arena Banos Event

CrossGovProject’s Impactful Presence at 1st Mission Arena Banos Event Partners representing the CrossGovProject made a notable appearance at the inaugural 1st Mission Arena Banos event held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from November 14 to 16, 2023. The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), serving as the project coordinator, made a notable contribution to the session titled […]

CrossGov Policy Coherence Evaluation Framework

Check out our latest research report that sheds light on coherence and cross-compliance in marine policies within European Green Deal. The European Green Deal (EGD) is a comprehensive set of policy initiatives and strategies launched by the European Commission to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Delivering the EGD requires that progress towards one […]

Concretising the policy targets and developing key scenarios

Check out our latest research report that sheds light on coherence in marine policies within European Green Deal.   The report reveals that the EGD encompasses various strategies directly or indirectly linked to the ocean, covering areas such as biodiversity, climate adaptation, pollution, renewable energy, sustainable mobility, and fisheries. However, there is a lack of clear alignment […]

2nd Consortium Meeting

The 2nd Consortium Meeting sucessfully took place in the beautiful city of Venice between the 28th and 30th of June 2023. The topics discussed were: DAY 1 Session 1: The CrossGov Fundament: The European Green Deal Session 2: An Introduction to CrossGov methodologies DAY 2 Session 3: An interactive training of our research process in […]