CrossGovProject’s Impactful Presence at 1st Mission Arena Banos Event

Partners representing the CrossGovProject made a notable appearance at the inaugural 1st Mission Arena Banos event held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from November 14 to 16, 2023.

The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), serving as the project coordinator, made a notable contribution to the session titled “Safeguarding Biodiversity: Strengthening MPAs, policy coherence, and community involvement.” 

This collaborative session, organized in conjunction with MSP4BIO, BLUE4ALL, and CoolBlue projects, featured valuable contributions from NIVA’s Senior Researcher Dr. Froukje Maria Platjouw.

CrossGov actively participated in the insightful sub-session, “Marine Protected Areas & Marine Spatial Planning Integration,” where the question under consideration was: Can marine protection go hand in hand with marine spatial planning?

Distinguished speakers including Jacek Zaucha from the University of Gdansk, Jan Schmidtbauer Crona from SwAM, and Froukje Maria Platjouw from NIVA, engaged in a compelling discussion exploring the potential impact of improved policy coherence on aligning these crucial processes.

Following the Banos event, researchers from the CrossGov project noted some thoughts on the role of policy coherence in a good interplay between marine protection and marine spatial planning. Delve into our latest blog post, “The Importance of Policy Coherence for a Better Integration of Marine Protection in Marine Spatial Planning processes”, CrossGov Blog Post November 2023. Froukje Maria Platjouw, Niko Soininen, Saskia Trubbach, Gunnar Sander, Jonas Kyrönviita.

Download the PDF file to gain insights into the details of these discussions and their implications for CrossGovProject’s commitment to safeguarding biodiversity and promoting policy coherence in the realm of marine conservation.


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